Where we begin talking…

The path across the street from my house is relatively crowded today. The weather is beautiful. Clear skies, light breeze, lazily scuttling clouds.

This is our common denominator. All of us out on the path share this single defining desire. We have been drawn outside by the lovely sunshine. We all want a peaceful moment in the sun.

Some, like me, are travelling along the path in running clothes. But we are mostly walking. I consider myself part of this group. Part of the used to be runners as you can tell by my gear, but injury and deconditioning have reduced me to walking group.  I guess I still might run again, once I get past this long term ongoing momentary obstacle in my training. At least this is what I tell myself. So yes, I consider myself part of the group of walkers who still think of themselves as runners.

And then there are the actual runners – moving swiftly and gracefully along the path, showing us how it is really done. They are for most part a slender good looking group with colorful running shoes. They lope along, festooned with various monitoring devices. After all, how can you tell how satisfying a run is if you can’t document the distance, speed and time of the endeavor.

There are also many members of the so happy to be walking crowd. These often consist of people walking in groups of two or three. They engage in lively conversation. Feet step quickly, arms gesture broadly and amplified voices propel easily. They are happy path users.

Fathers travel along with babies in strollers.

Families of bike riders and scooter pushers pass among us.

Mothers carry children in backpacks.

And dog walkers pace along with their happy dog charges.

We are out in the sun – taking a moment to do something both enjoyable and good for us.

I greet everyone I pass.

I nod and smile. I often wave.

And they all do the same.

Every single person.

I do not stop and ask them their political policy thoughts.

We do not stop to discuss religion, economics, education, healthcare or immigration.

I’m sure that on this path we hold many different opinions. Perhaps some of us hold these opinions passionately.

But right now, for this moment, we are all together – agreeing to enjoy a beautiful day.

Let’s start our conversation here.

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