We are all the electric eel.

I feel the surge of electric current coursing through me as I inadvertently, yet automatically respond to the day’s events.

Stimuli come at me constantly. I am barraged by news, pummeled by points, inundated with innuendo. I can’t help but react because I am part of a whole unwillingly linked organism known as social media.

You too are part of this beast.

News of bombings, infrastructure failures, political maneuverings, rising discord, fear, aggressiveness, rude indifference and disrespect all result in a convulsive paroxysm of response.

Our individual outrage affects the entire mass of corporal social media.

We flex, turn and twist. We surge with volts of electricity firing up and down the entire length of our being.

We can’t help but be affected by each other’s agitation. We can’t calm down as long as even one small part of us is firing off electric waves of outrage at any event.

Individuals emit shocking volts of energy after receiving frequently unsought stimulation from random news sources. The rest of us are forced to respond and emit as well.

It is only a matter of time before we are all a twisting mass of hysterically responding co-joined community members.

Eventually, the shock waves of our horror will wane and dissipate.

But there will be no ensuing calmness.

More stimuli are coming.

Someone will be shocked, and then we will all be shocked.

We are the electric eel of social media.

It is our nature.

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