Where we begin talking…

The path across the street from my house is relatively crowded today. The weather is beautiful. Clear skies, light breeze, lazily scuttling clouds. This is our common denominator. All of us out on the path share this single defining desire. We have been drawn outside by the lovely sunshine. We all want a peaceful moment … Read more

Closet cleaning vs Political outrage

This is not a post about the demonic nature of political spending and the saturation of negative campaign advertisements on my television each night.  I wrote that post yesterday, and it is currently sitting open on the bottom of my computer task bar.  That post is filled with harsh words and extreme ire and aggravation. … Read more

Just keep swimming…

Ben Lecompte is still swimming. He has completed day 122 in his determination to cross the Pacific Ocean. One hundred and twenty two days. And he is not even close to done. Yet he is swimming steadily, immersed in a journey in which the landmarks never change. Water, water, water. It must feel endless. It … Read more

The Insomnia sneak.

I turn out the hallway light before easing the bedroom doorknob to the right.  Sometimes the hinges creak, but if I press down on the knob while slowly opening the door I can usually enter the room silently. The darkness of the bedroom is complete to my unadjusted eyes. Other areas of the house remain … Read more

Thoughts from the classroom.

Of course I am almost late. I read an article once that described people who have trouble transitioning from place to place. There is a name for this behavior.  It is, appropriately enough, called a transitioning disorder. Apparently some people, like me, find more and more to do where they are as they get closer … Read more