Nobody would support selling merchandise used to kill dogs.

I read the other day that a poison which is especially effective at killing dogs is being vilified by a clear majority of American consumers. The poison was recently used in a massive terrible incident during which dozens of dogs lost their lives. Of course, most people who buy this poison only buy it to … Read more

I respect your right to not respect my opinion…but please don’t walk out.

A million years ago when I was an elementary school student we used to perform a drill that kept us safe from harm. While sitting at our little wooden desks on our little wooden chairs we calmly went about the business of elementary school. The black board was filled with directions. The teacher at her, … Read more

We cry “Why?”

There is a disruption in the force. This life force that binds us together as fellow inhabitants of this conflicted rock. We want to understand, but there is no understanding. We ask questions but there are no answers. Our fallen community members, Our friends, Our family, Are just gone. We scream “Why?” We cry “Why?” … Read more

We are all Dreamers

I’m thinking about Dreamers. I’m thinking about the growing children brought into our country by parents hoping for better lives.  I’m thinking about success and opportunities sought amongst uncertainty and fear. I’m thinking  about the value of amnesty granted and the sadness of the possibility of it being withheld. When I think about dreamers, I … Read more