We are one body and we must treat this disease together.

Sexual allegations and horrifying stories about abusive men have become daily events. Last night I read one more heartfelt personal account about sexual harassment and abuse. Even one story is unacceptable, but the overload of so many stories is overwhelming.  I think of the less traumatic, but still impactful stories of my own life. I … Read more

We cry “Why?”

There is a disruption in the force. This life force that binds us together as fellow inhabitants of this conflicted rock. We want to understand, but there is no understanding. We ask questions but there are no answers. Our fallen community members, Our friends, Our family, Are just gone. We scream “Why?” We cry “Why?” … Read more

“You shall not Pass”: A Gallbladder Story

Earlier this week I wrote about waiting room denial. Sitting twice in waiting rooms over a three day span reminded me of  how difficult it is to maintain the denial required to sit calmly while waiting. Waiting for a family member’s medical results is always anxiety producing, frequently stressful and sometimes downright scary. I had … Read more